April 22

Criminal Traffic Violations

Criminal traffic violations are an offense that may lead to imprisonment.It require a court appearance and can carry penalties including fines/costs, probation, and/or incarceration.

Is a Traffic Violation a Criminal Offense?

A traffic violation is a criminal offense. A traffic offense can be a misdemeanor or a felony. Most traffic tickets are infractions or unclassified misdemeanors. Even minor violations can turn to feloniesif repeated over a short period of time.

What is a Criminal Traffic Ticket?

A criminal traffic ticket is a notice issued by a law enforcement official to a road user, accusing violation of traffic laws.Traffic tickets generally come in two forms, citing a moving violation, such as speeding, or a non-moving violation, such as aparking violation. A criminal trafficticket constitutes a citation and summons to appear at traffic court, with a determination of guilt to be made in court.

Consequences of a Criminal Traffic Violation

The consequences of criminal traffic violations vary.Typically, criminal traffic violations fall under one of these categories and each has its consequences:

  • DWI/DUI penalties are serious, and a conviction will result in driver’s license revocation and attendance at the Intoxicated Driver’s Resource Center. There may also be jail and/or other penalties. A DWI/DUI conviction will leave a permanent mark on your motor vehicle record.
  • Traffic violations include speeding tickets and citations for reckless driving. You can plead guilty or not. A guilty plea will add “points” to your driver’s license and carry negative consequences, such as driver’s license suspension and fines.
  • Driver’s license suspension or revocation may be a result of a DWI, traffic tickets or driving on a suspended license.
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    April 2

    Do I Need a DUI Attorney?

    DUI (Driving under the influence) is a crime. The person is charged with DUI when he is found to have a blood alcohol concentration of at least .08.

    When one is convicted of DUI, the first question as is “am I going to jail?” And an honest answer will be “yes, you could”. If it is your first time, and you have no history of reckless driving or high blood alcohol content (a BAC over .12) plus you don’t have a minor passenger, then the situation might not be as bad. You may choose not to have a lawyer. However, if the situation is worse, such as someone died or you are a repeat offender, then you will need a lawyer.

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