December 22

What are my rights if I am arrested for a criminal offense?

Individuals accused of committing a crime have a series of rights which are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. The following checklist of rights may also provide to you with guidance:

  • You have a right to remain silent: If you were accused of a crime, you have a right to remain silent. Therefore ensuring that you cannot be forced to disclose any information or prove your case to the police. If you attempted to remain silent in the face of police questioning and were pressured or forced into speaking, your rights have been violated.
  • You have a right to an attorney: If you are under arrest for a crime, you have the right to have an attorney present during the first and any subsequent talks with the police. (You also have a right to have counsel from any attorney during any trial). Your rights are violated if the police denied your request for an attorney during questioning.
  • You have a right to request for an attorney at later during questioning: At times, a criminal suspect may have false confidence that they can handle the matter without the assistance of an attorney. If the suspect decides to answer police questions without an attorney, they still possess the right to ask for an attorney at a later point. Once he or she asks for an attorney, all questioning must stop until the attorney arrives.
  • You are entitled to a state-paid and appointed attorney if you cannot afford your own: If you cannot afford to hire an attorney, you are entitled to a state paid attorney, or a public defender will be assigned to represent you.
  • You have entitled to human treatment: Any criminal suspect is entitled to fair treatment, no matter how heinous the alleged crime is. If you were not treated humanely, for instance if you were beaten or deprived food either during police questioning or while in a holding cell, your rights may have been violated.
  • You cannot be held unfairly: The government cannot hold you for an extended period of time without charging you for a crime. If you have been held without being charged for longer than the legal period of time, your rights may have been violated.
  • You cannot be treated as guilty before you are convicted: A criminal suspect held in jail cannot be treated as a guilty individual no matter how strong the evidence. The U.S criminal justice system states that all people are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, if you have been punished or treated unfairly while awaiting trial, your rights may have been violated.
  • You are entitled to speedy trial: Once you are charged, the government cannot purposefully wait to commence a trial against you. If this happens, your rights have been violated.

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December 21

Will a misdemeanor show up on my background check?

If misdemeanors are compared to felonies, they can be termed as “less heinous” criminal offenses. They often include crimes like petty theft, disorderly conduct, vandalism, public intoxication, etc and may involve lesser punishments than felonies. However, similar to felonies, misdemeanors stay on your criminal record for your entire life. Therefore, if a thorough background check is done, misdemeanors can show up in your criminal history.

Also, if someone runs a background check, and claims that you were convicted of a charge that you didn’t know about, it needs to be addressed. Contact a criminal defense attorney for help.

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December 14

How Long Does DUI Stay On Your Record?

A person convicted of a DUI may have a consequent criminal record. However, the duration of the existence of the record will depend on the state’s expunction or non-disclosure rules. A DUI conviction may remain on a criminal record indeterminately except in states that allow it to be removed or non-disclosed.

Generally, a DUI conviction may stay on one’s driving record for a minimum of five years. However, every state has its own law and the duration may vary.

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December 11

What should I do if I am charged with a criminal offense?

If you are charged with a criminal offense, remember the following pointers:

  • Cooperate with the police: This means that you should not retaliate with your arrest. Doing so may have a negative impact on your case.
  • Remain silent: Choose to exercise your constitutional right to remain silent. Whether at the police station or inside the police car, once you are charged with a criminal offense, it is in your best interest to remain silent. Anything you say may be recorded and may be used against you.
  • Ask for your attorney: Tell the police that you wish to talk with your attorney. When you do so, use clear and firm words such as “I want my attorney” or “I’m not answering questions without my lawyer.” As per the Law, you will have access to a phone through which you can call your attorney.
  • Be transparent with your attorney:There is a saying “ never hide anything from a doctor and a lawyer” and it is definitely for your good. Whether you are wrongly charged, or have committed the crime, let your lawyer know the truth so that he can do his best to get you out of the jail.

Being charged with a crime is a nightmare. However, if you are charged, stay clam and be wise in your decisions.

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