April 1

Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys Grateful for Release of New Study

The latest study done by the researchers at the University of New Hampshire with 6,600 separate interviews reveals the concept of internet sex crime is vague to some. The belief was that internet-based sex crimes were done by “dirty old man” posing online as teenagers.

However the latest study reveals that:

  • 5 % of the crimes studied involved an adult posing as a teenager.
  • Three quarters of victims met their offenders face to face more than once.
  • Victims themselves are involved in one or more risky behaviors where they participate in sex discussion online with strangers.
  • The offender and the victim sometimes know each other and “kidnapping” is sometimes an act done with the consent of both.

Dealing with a Sex Crime Charge

The Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein can do a study of your case and fight for you. We also represent cases of shoplifting, drugs, petty larceny, DUI/DWI and other personal injury cases. You can call us at 845-459-0002 send mails at info@reuvenjepsteinlaw.com. We serve all of Rockland County in NY.

March 31

Getting a Lawyer for Your Criminal Case

When an individual is accused of committing a crime, whether he/she is guilty or not, it is important to retain a lawyer. The accused individual might be facing serious penalties such as fines, jail term, probation, and more. Several factors may be considered before choosing a criminal defense attorney.

Factors to consider when getting a lawyer for your case:

  • The most important factor while looking for a criminal defense attorney is his/her experience in criminal law. An experienced lawyer can better represent their clients, no matter what type of case it is.
  • Engage a lawyer who is experienced in your kind of case. This can be found out by asking him/her about previous related cases. Make sure that he/she has many years of experience in handling such cases.
  • Check the background of the lawyer through online search engines. It may also be necessary to check with the Bar Association to ensure the lawyer has a valid license. Ask people if they have heard about the lawyer and what their feedback is.
  • Sometimes you may come across two or more lawyers who have the same experience. In such situations, it may be advisable to compare their fees and decide.
  • Choose a criminal lawyer who is able to explain all the legal process specifically and clearly.

Contact Attorney Reuven J. Epstein

If you are looking for a criminal lawyer to defend your case, then contact The Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein. Attorneys will pay attention to detail, all paperwork will be reviewed to ensure the police followed proper procedures, and prosecutors have properly prepared their case. We will work hard to get the best possible outcome. Call us at 845-459-0002 or email at info@reuvenjepsteinlaw.com.

Our office is located at 271 W. Route 59, Spring Valley, NY 10977. We also serve clients in Rockland County.

March 30

DUI/DWI- Blood Alcohol Content(BAC)

One is charged with DUI/DWI whenfound to have a blood alcohol content of at least .08. Most accidents are alcohol related, sothe penalties for DUI/DWI are stringent.

What Is Blood Alcohol Content?
Blood alcohol content is the concentration of alcohol in one’s bloodstream, expressed as a percentage. Blood alcohol content, or BAC, is used to determine whether a person is legally intoxicated, especially under a driving while intoxicated law.

How is Blood Alcohol Content Measured?

Blood Alcohol Content is measured by dividing grams of alcohol by 100 millilitres of blood. This is then converted to a percentage. For example, a BAC of 0.02% means 0.2% (permille) or 0.02 grams of alcohol per 100 grams of individual’s blood, or 0.2 grams of alcohol per 1000 grams of blood.

Blood Alcohol Content Limit

Each state has its ownlaws. While the blood alcohol content (BAC) levels are all .08, the punishments vary.

The blood alcohol content limitsare:

  • 08%-If you’re 21 years old or older.
  • 04%-If you’re driving a commercial vehicle.
  • 02%-If you’re younger than 21 years old.

DUI/DWI Attorney in Spring Valley, NY

Criminal defense attorney Reuven J. Epstein has over 20 years of experience defending clients.The Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein serves Spring Valley, Rockland County in NY and Connecticut. He is known for his experience, knowledge and compassion. For effective and efficient defense in NY, call 845-459-0002 to schedule a consultation with DUI defenselawyer Reuven J. Epstein.

March 23

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, then you may face penalties, jail time and probation. You need to consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer who has court experience, litigation success and expert knowledge of the law. You need to consider various factors when choosing a criminal defense attorney to ensure you receive the best defense and outcome.

Following are some ways to choose a criminal defense lawyer:

  • References from friends and family: When choosing a criminal defense attorney, ask for references from your friends and family. Proficiency of a lawyer can be known from the people who have worked with them.
  • Enquire: Once you get a criminal defense attorney, enquire whether that attorney has admittance to the state bar.
  • Interview the criminal defense lawyer: Set up a meeting with the attorney to learn about his/her experience and credentials.
  • Area of expertise: When choosing a criminal defense attorney, make sure that he/she is proficient in handling the case with which you have been charged.
  • Team of investigators: The attorney must have a team of investigators who specialize in investigating any technical aspects of your case.
  • Friendliness: Make sure the attorney can understand all aspects of your case and is easy to communicate with.
  • List of references: Get a list of references from the criminal defense lawyer. Contact each person and ask questions regarding their experience with the attorney.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Spring Valley, NY

If you have been involved in a serious crime such as murder, assault, robbery or rape, then contact a criminal defense attorney to explore your options. Attorney Reuven J. Epstein, a criminal defense attorney in Spring Valley, NY can handle any type of criminal defense case in Rockland and Spring Valley in NY. He has the experience and knowledge required to provide specialized care for your unique case. Call 845-459-0002 for a free consultation with Attorney Reuven J. Epstein.

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