Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Whether you are just starting your business or involved in complex litigation, the Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein can help.

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Contract Negotiation and Drafting

“An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure!” Don’t sign any agreement until you have had a lawyer review it. Certainly, if you are a business owner and you provide a service, you must have an agreement that establishes your rights.

The Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein can draft, negotiate, and review your contracts and business agreements and protect you.

We review, draft, and negotiate all types of contracts, which include:

  • Sales agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Non-complete agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • And more

Commercial Litigation

The Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein will help you form your business and will help you draft, review, and negotiate the agreements that will define your business obligations. Despite whatever precautions you may have taken, disputes will arise. We can help! We have the experience to resolve disputes through negotiation, arbitration, and litigation.

The Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein handles all types of commercial litigation.

A contract dispute or other business dispute can negatively impact your ability to operate your business. We take great care in understanding you, your business, and the nature of the dispute. We will help you understand the law and the legal process, and together help you decide on the best strategy.

Call the Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein today for your free consultation.

Business Formations

Choosing the right structure for your busienss is one of the most critical steps when first starting out, and you need a New York business formation lawyer who can help you through the process and provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for your business. The Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein has helped many New York businesses work through these issues, and we can help you. Our clients like us because we explain the issues simply, yet thoroughly.

There are several different types of business entities each with its own benefits and tax implications. You need a New York business law attorney to ensure that you maximize your investment, and minimize your risk by effectively planning for your future growth.

The Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein can help you make the right choice.

LLCs and Corporations

Limited Liability Company (LLC) – LLCs have become very popular, and the LLC is a good choice of business entity for a small business with relatively few partners. Besides offering limited liability protection (meaning that the entity is separate from its members and is primarily liable for business liabilities), the LLC has the advantage of choosing how to be taxed.

It can choose to be taxed as a partnership, as a corporation taxed under subchapter S of the Internal Revenue Code (“S corporation”), as a corporationg taxed under subchapter C of the Internal Revenue Code (“C corporation”), or if the LLC only has one member, it can choose to be taxed as a disregarded entity. This meaning that the IRS does not recognize its entity status for purposes of taxation (a single member LLC also has the option to choose to be taxed as an S or C corporation).

Corporation – The corporation also offers limited liability protection and is the better choice if you anticipate that your business will require outside investment, or will grow substantially and possibly go public.

We provide assistance with a shareholders’ agreement, legal consultation, name availability, formation, records required by law, bylaws, tailored meeting minutes forms, employer identification number, and explain how to operate your corporation.

S corporations and LLCs are the most common entities for new small businesses, and we help you to choose the one that will work best for your type of business and for your long-term business goals.