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Consequences of Multiple DWI/DUI Convictions in NY

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When a person has multiple DWI/DUI convictions in New York, he has to face legal consequences. Consequences might include revoking of license and jail time.

When is a License Permanently Revoked?

  • If a person has 5 or more DWI offenses, then their license will be revoked permanently.
  • A person with 2 or 3 DWI offenses in the past 25 years, with one serious driving offense such as fatal crash, will have their licence revoked permanently.
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles will not re- issue a license if a person has 20 or more points on his license, 2 or more convictions with 5 or more points assessed.
  • Drivers who are convicted of a second DWI, who refuse a breathalyzer test and who are convicted for the second time of possession of a controlled substance, will face permanent revocation of their license.
  • If a person has 3 or 4 convictions, but no serious driving offense, the Department of Motor Vehicles will add another 5 years to the amount of duration their license is revoked.
  • Once licences are returned, the person will be restricted to drive only for basic and important purpose such as work and medical.
  • The offenders will be required to take breathalyzer tests for 5 years.

When is License Not Revoked Permanently?

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