Juvenile Crimes

If your child has been taken into custody for a juvenile crime, it is important that you hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Being convicted of a juvenile crime can have adverse repercussions on the future life of your child. Your child may be placed in a detention center. In the future, he/she may face serious consequences in matters relating to educational opportunities, housing, and even career.

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The Law office of Reuven J. Epstein will be at your side throughout the entire process, be it from the initial appearance to the final resolution of the case.  They are proudly serving clients in Rockland County, Orange County, New York.

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Court systems in which juvenile crimes are prosecuted

There are two different courts for prosecuting juveniles-the Criminal Court and the Family Court. Both these courts have different proceedings. The proceeding in Family Court does not involve plea bargaining as that of Criminal Court. The proceeding in a Family Court has more chances to go to trial than the proceedings in a Criminal Court.

The trials in a Family Court are usually decided by a single judge, while in a Criminal Court the trial is decided by Juries. In the Family Court, when the child appears for the first time, he/she will be either released or detained. Juveniles who are detained by a Family Court, their trials take place more quickly than the Criminal Court.

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The Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein is committed to protecting the rights of your child who have been charged with a juvenile crime. Being convicted of a juvenile crime can have serious repercussions on your child’s future. The criminal defense lawyer in the law office of Reuven J. Epstein have years of experience in the criminal justice system. They will stand by your side during the entire process. The criminal defense lawyer will try best to keep your child’s case in the family court, rather than having it tried in the Criminal Court.

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