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Shoplifting, or retail theft, is an offense that refers to an individual taking items from a distribution establishment without payment. If the goods that were stolen are valued less than $1000 you may be charged with petit larceny and possession of stolen property, which are both Class A misdemeanors. However, if the goods stolen exceed $1000 in value it is considered a felony, grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

To be charged with such an offense can lead to long-lasting consequences. If criminally convicted this would give you a permanent criminal record, which could affect:

  • future job opportunities
  • career advancement
  • professional license
  • ability to rent an apartment

If you or someone you know is facing a shoplifting charge we strongly advise that you contact the Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein for experienced legal counsel. He is experienced in dealing with cases similar to yours. He can advise you and let you know what you are up against.

Shoplifting Attorney Rockland County and Orange County

We are an experienced law firm and we will prepare a compelling defense to help you in this situation. In some cases the store or officer may have rushed to a judgment or made a mistake and this can help in determining the end results of your case. We have the ability to protect your reputation and your rights.