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How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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If you have been charged with a crime, then you may face penalties, jail time and probation. You need to consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer who has court experience, litigation success and expert knowledge of the law. You need to consider various factors when choosing a criminal defense attorney to ensure you receive the best defense and outcome.

Following are some ways to choose a criminal defense lawyer:

  • References from friends and family: When choosing a criminal defense attorney, ask for references from your friends and family. Proficiency of a lawyer can be known from the people who have worked with them.
  • Enquire: Once you get a criminal defense attorney, enquire whether that attorney has admittance to the state bar.
  • Interview the criminal defense lawyer: Set up a meeting with the attorney to learn about his/her experience and credentials.
  • Area of expertise: When choosing a criminal defense attorney, make sure that he/she is proficient in handling the case with which you have been charged.
  • Team of investigators: The attorney must have a team of investigators who specialize in investigating any technical aspects of your case.
  • Friendliness: Make sure the attorney can understand all aspects of your case and is easy to communicate with.
  • List of references: Get a list of references from the criminal defense lawyer. Contact each person and ask questions regarding their experience with the attorney.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Spring Valley, NY

If you have been involved in a serious crime such as murder, assault, robbery or rape, then contact a criminal defense attorney to explore your options. Attorney Reuven J. Epstein, a criminal defense attorney in Spring Valley, NY can handle any type of criminal defense case in Rockland and Spring Valley in NY. He has the experience and knowledge required to provide specialized care for your unique case. Call 845-459-0002 for a free consultation with Attorney Reuven J. Epstein.

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