Case Results

Charge: Petit Larceny & Criminal Possession
Result: Disorderly Conduct and 25 Hours of Community Service
Details: Client (SA) was arrested in the store with the items in her bag, her third shoplifting related offense. Despite Prosecutor’s initial desire for a more serious consequence was able to arrange a plea to Disorderly Conduct- a non-criminal offense and 25 hours of community service.
Charge: Aggravated Driving Without License
Result: Non-Criminal Driving Without License and fine
Details: Client (MG), who does not have a license because of a DWI conviction, was charged with driving without a license for the THIRD time! Prosecutor and Judge were very unhappy with her, but ultimately we were able to arrange for a guilty plea to a traffic violation equivalent and a fine.
Charge: Marijuana Possession
Result: Case Dismissed
Details: Client (AM) was charged client with possession. Marijuana was found on property, but client not even at property, and others had access to property. Case dismissed.
Charge: Grand Larceny
Result: Client pled guilty to Disorderly Conduct
Details: Client was charged with stealing from employer. Disposition was restitution, plus plea to Disorderly Conduct, a non-criminal offense.
Charge:Felony Assault/ Domestic Violence
Result: Dismissal
Details:Client (TP) was charged with a felony strangulation of his wife, and other related charges, during a domestic dispute. After marriage counseling sessions, and a favorable report by the counselor, the case was dismissed.
Charge: Menacing
Result: Case dismissed
Details: Client (AP) charged with threatening the complainant. We were able to demonstrate a long history of discord between these neighbors. Case was adjourned in contemplation of dismissal and then subsequently dismissed.