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A criminal defense attorney represents those charged with crimes in the court. Crimes can range in severity from a misdemeanor to a felony. A person can be charged with a minor fine or community service to years in prison or death. The United States Constitution guarantees that all citizens charged with a crime will be provided representation. If you need the services of a criminal defense attorney contact Reuven J. Epstein.

A Glance of Rockland County, New York Crime Statistics

  • Between 1999 and 2008 there were 41,749 total crimes reported in Rockland County, New York (4,499 of them violent).
  • Of the 4,175 crimes that take place per year in Rockland County, approximately 50% transpire less than one mile from home.
  • On average, in every 2 hours someone is a victim of a crime in Rockland County.
  • In the past 10 years, reported crime in Rockland County has been reduced by 3%. However, violent crime has increased by 12%.

What Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

Although an individual has the right to represent him or herself during criminal trial proceedings, the consequences of having poor legal representation can result in a negative outcome. Hiring a criminal defense attorney can be beneficial for the defendant due to the following reasons:

  • Assist defendant throughout the criminal justice process, including pre-trial.
  • Help persuade the court to drop the charges against the defendant based on insufficient evidence or improper procedure.
  • Analyze a defendant’s case by identifying the strengths and weaknesses to build a defense strategy.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of pleading guilty, especially when a plea bargain is on the table.
  • Assists with the standard steps of a criminal trial, from jury selection to providing opening statements to questioning witnesses. Additionally, if the defendant’s trial does not go in his/her favor, criminal defense attorneys can assist the defendant with the appeals process.

Reuven J. Epstein: Your Local Criminal Defense Lawyer and Member of Rockland Association
Mr. Epstein is a tireless and effective advocate on behalf of his clients. He understands that the legal system is very complex and patiently guides his clients through this confusing process. Attorney Reuven Epstein follows the principles of compassion and knowledge. He shows concern for what people are going through, and has knowledge of the law and legal system.

Reuven Epstein and his team provide you with a comprehensive and effective defense in any criminal proceeding, including those involving:

Words from Our Clients

“I made a big mistake, I was afraid I was going to have to go to jail. Not only did Attorney Epstein resolve my case without any jail-time, he was very understanding and reassuring through the entire process”. – Mayer from Monsey.

“The law office of Reuven Epstein, made a bad situation the best it could be under the circumstances”. – Nicole from Spring Valley.

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