Apr 1

Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys Grateful for Release of New Study


The latest study done by the researchers at the University of New Hampshire with 6,600 separate interviews reveals the concept of internet sex crime is vague to some. The belief was that internet-based sex crimes were done by “dirty old man” posing online as teenagers.

However the latest study reveals that:

  • 5 % of the crimes studied involved an adult posing as a teenager.
  • Three quarters of victims met their offenders face to face more than once.
  • Victims themselves are involved in one or more risky behaviors where they participate in sex discussion online with strangers.
  • The offender and the victim sometimes know each other and “kidnapping” is sometimes an act done with the consent of both.

Dealing with a Sex Crime Charge

The Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein can do a study of your case and fight for you. We also represent cases of shoplifting, drugs, petty larceny, DUI/DWI and other personal injury cases. You can call us at 845-459-0002 send mails at info@reuvenjepsteinlaw.com. We serve all of Rockland County in NY.

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