December 18

Child Pornography Crime in New York

Child pornography is a serious offense in New York State. Child pornography refers to the use of children in pornographic pictures or films, which is an illegal act. If you are convicted of child pornography in New York, then you may face high sentences and jail. It is advisable to contact an experienced sex crime attorney to protect your rights.

Penalties for Child Pornography in NY

Violation of any federal child pornography law is a serious crime. The penalties for child pornography include:

  • For the offense of child pornography, the defendant faces fines and jail time between 15 to 30 years.
  • For the offense of transporting child pornography to interstate or foreign commerce, the defendant may face fines and also 5 years to 20 years of jail time.
  • If the defendant is convicted of child pornography in aggravated situations, the minor endures sexual abuse; he/she may face up to lifetime imprisonment.

Sex Crime Attorney in NY

If you or your loved one is facing a child pornography charge in New York, then hire a sex crime attorney. Attorney Reuven J. Epstein will dedicate his time and effort to protect your rights, and get you the help you need. Call 845-459-0002 for a consultation with Attorney Reuven J. Epstein.