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What does a real estate lawyer do?

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If you are involved in a real estate transaction, it is crucial to get legal assistance from a real estate lawyer. Real estate lawyers handle all the legal work, assisting their client in their real estate transaction while ensuring that their rights are protected. Real estate transactions require entering a binding legal contract, creating the need for a real estate lawyer to ensure that your rights are reserved under your contract.

A real estate lawyer’s specific job description depends on the type of transaction he is assiting with. Such real estate transactions include:

  • Purchasers
  • Sellers
  • Developers
  • Borrowers and lenders acquisition
  • Financing
  • Sale
  • Development
  • Leasing of residential, commercial and industrial property.

Below are some general ways that a real estate lawyer assists clients intransactions:

  • Handling documentation: A real estate lawyer handles all the paper work. He helps clients fill out all the necessary documents required in real estate deals.
  • Making negotiations: He negotiates the terms and conditions of real estate deals, which involves working with other attorneys, developers, brokers and investors.
  • Reviewing transactions: He reviews and advises on real estate transactions. He guides clients to ensure that they don’t fall into unseen legal traps.
  • Litigation representation: If real estate issues don’t work themselves out, a real estate lawyer represent his clients in real estate litigations. He participates in hearings and trials.

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